Opera With A Touch Of Jazz by Lee EvansDear Music Educator,

I’m happy to announce that my newest solo-piano book, OPERA WITH A TOUCH OF JAZZ (a sequel to my CLASSICS WITH A TOUCH OF JAZZ), is now available for purchase through Amazon, Sheet Music Plus, Hal Leonard Corporation (the book’s publisher), and all other retail outlets

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Lee Evans, Ed.D.
Professor of Music
Pace University, NYC


Starter Classics: 32 Essential Classic Solo Piano RepSTARTER CLASSICS by Lee Evans, has just been published by Stipes Publishing and is available for purchase. It is a different and refreshing solo piano collection of classical repertoire pieces not commonly associated with early-to-late intermediate piano studies – but should be! STARTER CLASSICS is a general purpose collection with wide appeal, but is especially tailored for early-to-late intermediate level piano students and piano hobbyists. Over a period of many years, Dr. Evans compiled, edited, arranged, refined and tested these pieces with his own students of all ages in his private studio teaching practice. And now, for the first time, Lee Evans has assembled these works into a single spiral-bound, extremely attractive published volume.


CLASSICS WITH A TOUCH OF JAZZ for piano solo (Hal Leonard Corporation, publisher) – Twenty-seven beloved masterpieces of classical music, to which tasteful and scintillating touches of jazz have been added by arranger Lee Evans.


Esteemed famous Juilliard professor and radio personality David Dubal, on his WWFM radio program The Piano Matters on April 7, 2016 (and repeated on April 10th), played two selections from Lee Evans’s new solo-piano volume Classics With A Touch Of Jazz (Hal Leonard, publisher), and stated the following:

“Lee Evans, professor of music at Pace University, scholar, pianist, arranger, a prolific writer on many subjects, who has so many publications to his credit, has an endless musical appetite and who has been in the forefront of the jazz world, has brought out a most interesting and delightful project which he calls Classics With A Touch Of Jazz. All of these pieces are very playable and they also give you a glimpse of Mr. Evans’s keen harmonic sense. Buy it! It’s such a pleasure to look through.”

Classics with a Touch of Jazz - 27 Beloved Masterpieces arranged by Lee Evans

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Email letter from a California music teacher to Lee Evans, May 2015:

I saw your recent article in Clavier Companion and it starting me thinking about your Crash Course In Chords book. I have been using that book in my intermediate piano classes at De Anza College and Skyline College here in California ever since the book was first published. It has been interesting to see how all the students really, really like the book, especially the lead sheet arrangements Even the non-jazz students really like them. In a way I think they make the world of jazz more accessible and understandable to them. Some of them learn and memorize the pieces on their own. Others do the exercises on their own and then ask me to correct their work. I can’t think of a time when I have ever had a book which the students not only liked but where they continually took the initiative to do the exercises and learn new lead sheets without any direction from me. It’s a gem.

G.H. (California music teacher)

Email letter from a Vermont piano teacher to Lee Evans, April 2015:

Just wanted to let you know about a 10 year old piano student of mine. In spite of obvious musicality, he was on the edge of quitting lessons – until I started him on your “Color Me Jazz” books. He loves them, is eager to start new pieces and comes in weeks after he’s accomplished a piece, having kept playing it and finding new variations to make it his own version. Now he’s planning ahead to all he wants to learn in the future. Thanks!

S.B. (Vermont piano teacher)

Lee Evans and Pace University's President Stephen J. FriedmanDr. Lee Evans receives recognition from NYC’s Pace University’s President Stephen J. Friedman for Lee’s 25 years of service to Pace as a professor of music.

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Clavier MagazineCrash Course In Chords by Lee EvansThe first significant review of the new Lee Evans volume CRASH COURSE IN CHORDS (Hal Leonard, publisher; $8.99) appears in the Jan/Feb 2014 issue of Clavier Companion. Its laudatory comments by reviewer Vanessa Cornett, Director of Keyboard Studies at the University of St. Thomas in Minnesota, include the following:

“Unique book”
“The scope is excellent”
“Students who complete and practice the workbook materials will benefit greatly from this course.”
“It would especially benefit mature and motivated students wishing to gain a strong foundation for improvising and playing from lead sheets, and would also work well as a supplement for collegiate class piano.”

And here’s another outstanding review…this time in the New York State Music Teachers Association Winter 2014 newsletter – by Beverly Smoker, Professor of Music, Coordinator of Keyboard Studies and Director of Piano Pedagogy at Nazareth College, Rochester NY. Among her comments of high praise are the following:

  • A thoughtfully constructed sequence of exercises and lead sheets for harmonization.
  • Will give our students practical experience in learning chords and how they function.
  • Examples from classical and jazz repertoire.
  • Many effective exercises help develop facility in thinking harmonically within a key.
  • Students will creatively expand skills with chords, their function and voice leading tendencies.
  • While Crash Course in Chords will be particularly rewarding for students interested in playing jazz and popular music styles, all students will find it useful.
  • Valuable preparation for class piano courses.

The Winter 2016 issue of Piano Guild Notes features the following review of Lee Evans’s Crash Course in Chords by Dr. Vicki Lewis, Coordinator of Piano Studies at Tennessee State University:

“I remember asking my teacher in the ninth grade to ‘explain chords to me.’ This is the book that would have been wonderful to have so long ago! Most teachers are familiar with the fine compositions of Dr. Lee Evans, professor of music at New York City’s Pace University. This is an excellent workbook for teachers to use with students wanting to get experience with lead sheets. Dr. Evans has a step-by-step approach in which triads are explained. Students have worksheets to be able to write triads, inversions, and exercises on revoicing chords….He includes an explanation of all types of 7th chords, an explanation of [lead sheet] slash marks, and includes several lead sheets, as well as simple harmonization exercises. He includes a section of Theory Review of scales and intervals, as well as an Answer Key, so that students can use the book on their own. This is an outstanding and well-written text.”

(The book may be acquired by ordering it from your local music dealer, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Sheet Music Plus, or directly from the publisher, Hal Leonard Corporation.)

CRASH COURSE IN CHORDS is a 56-page theory and performance workbook packed with everything that intermediate level students need to know about chords. Pianists and non-pianists alike will benefit from the written exercises covering everything from triads and 7th chords to inversions, voicing, voice leading, transposition, harmonization, cadences, and more. Concepts are explained in easy-to-understand language and are immediately applied in a variety of performance exercises and lead sheet examples. The book also contains a Theory Review and Answer Key.

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