Published Articles by Lee Evans

Keyboard Techniques In Jazz, Parts 1, 2, 3 – Allegro (the official publication of Local 802, American Federation of Musicians, March, April and May 1981.

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Jazzing It Up In Style (Guidelines For Keyboard Jazz Performance) – Clavier, February 1985.

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Understanding Chord Symbols – Clavier, March 1989.

W.C. Handy’s Blue Notes – Clavier, Feb. 2007.

Modal Harmony In Jazz, Part I – Piano Today. Fall 2007.

Modal Harmony In Jazz, Part II – Piano Today, Winter 2008.

Modal Harmony In Jazz, Part III – Piano Today, Spring 2008.

Creative Sounds With 12-Tone/ “Atonal Waltz” – Clavier, April 2008.

The Jazz Tetrachord Approach To Improvisation, Part I – Piano Today, Summer 2008.

The Jazz Tetrachord Approach To Improvisation, Part II – Piano Today, Fall 2008.

Jazz Suspensions: Bridges To Somewhere (Usually) – Clavier Companion, March/April 2009.

Interpreting Slash Marks In Fakebook Leadsheets – JAZZed, July 2009.

Dressed To The Nines, Part I – Sheet Music, Summer 2009.

Dressed To The Nines, Part II (Keyboard Voicing Possibilities) – Sheet Music, Fall 2009.

Common Errors In Jazz Music Notation – JAZZed, September 2009.

Techniques of Melodic Development in Jazz Improvisation – JAZZed, January 2010.

Melodic Embellishment And Ornamentation In Jazz – JAZZed, March 2010.

What Are An Elephant and Snowflake Doing In My Music? – Piano Guild Notes, January 2010.

Easy Ways To Tell Keys From Key Signatures – Piano Guild Notes, January 2010.

What Goes Around Comes Around: Understanding Rondo Form – Sheet Music, Winter 2010.

May I Have This Dance? Understanding Minuet and Trio Form – Sheet Music, Spring 2010.

A Musical Detective Story – Piano Guild Notes, Spring 2010.

Eleventh  Chords In Jazz & Popular Music – Clavier Companion, May/June 2010.

Creating Your Own Piano Solos – Sheet Music, Summer 2010.

The Magic Of Thirteen – Clavier Companion, July/August 2010.

Characteristic Mode Tone – JAZZed, September 2010.

The Interchangeability of Modes – JAZZed, November 2010.

Two, Four, Six, Eight; What Do We Appreciate? – Piano Guild Notes, Winter 2011.

Whatchamacallit: The Age of Ambiguity: An Apt Appellation – JAZZed, January/February 2011.

Tango Buenos Aires (Original Piano Solo) – Sheet Music, Winter 2011.

Another Color For Your Musical Palette (Principles of 12-Tone Writing) – JAZZed, March/April 2011.

Articulation in Musical Performance – Piano Guild Notes, Summer 2011.

Like, Cool! – JAZZed Magazine, July 2011.

Music Off The Beaten Path – Sheet Music, Fall 2011.

Reharmonization Techniques In Jazz – The California Music Teacher, Fall 2011.

The Irony of Teaching About Big Band Swing – JAZZed, Nov/Dec 2011.

The Rhythms Of Jazz Syncopation – Clavier Companion, Jan/Feb 2012 issue.

Who Was Phineas Newborn, Jr.? – JAZZed, Jan/Feb 2012.

Jazz Tango (Original piano solo) – Sheet Music, Winter 2012.

The African Origins Of Jazz – JAZZed, March/Apr. 2012.

Who Invented The Swing Dance Band? – JAZZed, July/Aug. 2012.

The Emergence Of The Composer In Music History? – Piano Guild Notes, Summer 2012.

To Slur Or Not To Slur: That Is The Question -Clavier Companion, Nov/Dec 2012.

“You Don’t Have To Be Jewish…” – JAZZed, Nov/Dec 2012.

Jazz: America’s Classical Music – JAZZed, Jan. 2013.

Diminished seventh chords and, pardon the expression, half-diminished seventh chords in jazz and popular music – Clavier Companion, March/Apr 2013.

Where Should Jazz Go From Here? – JAZZed, March/Apr 2013.

Triad: You’ll Like It! – The California Music Teacher, Summer 2013.

Key Figures In The History Of Jazz Piano – Piano Guild Notes, Summer 2013.

Musical Charisma: The Art Of Standing Apart – Piano Guild Notes, Summer 2013.

The Octatonic Scale; What Is It? – The California Music Teacher, January 2014.

Minor Scales: A Hug And A Kiss, Or Just A Handshake? – Clavier Companion, Jan. 2014.

Homage To Bill Evans – JAZZed Magazine, March 2014.

Chord Brain Teasers: Revoicing Challenges – The California Music Teacher, Summer 2014.

Notable Next-Door Neighbors – Clavier Companion, July/Aug. 2014.

More Jazz Luminaries And Their Contributions To The Evolution Of Jazz History – Piano Guild Notes, Summer 2014.

“I Hear Singing But There’s No One There” – Understanding Voicing And Voice Leading – Piano Guild Notes, Summer 2014.

Stride Piano Style – JAZZed, August/September 2014.

Homage To Eubie Blake (Original piano solo) – JAZZed, August/September 2014.

JOYFUL JAZZ: An Homage To Horace Silver – JAZZed, Nov/Dec 2014.

Teaching Intervals: A Basic Theory Review – Piano Guild Notes, Winter 2015.

Bebop: An Inside Look At The Dynamics Of Modern Jazz – The California Music Teacher, Winter 2015.

“Lenny” – The Pace Press (Pace University, NYC), April 8, 2015.

An Inspirational Approach To Teaching Composition – Clavier Companion, May/June 2015.

Hitting That Stride – The South African Music Teacher, January 2015.

Precursors To A Precursor Of Jazz – Piano Guild Notes, Fall 2015.

Teaching Melodic Transposition: Its Value And Most Effective Procedure – Piano Guild Notes, Fall 2015.

JAZZ, RAGTIME, BLUES – The California Music Teacher, Fall 2015.

The Age Of Ambiguity – The Pace Press, Pace University, Nov. 20, 2015.

Why Actors Should Learn Music and Why Music Should Be Taught – Methods: A Journal of Acting Pedagogy, Vol. 1, 2015 Pace University Press.

Chord Transposition and the Harmonic System – Piano Guild Notes, Winter 2016.

The Art Of Listening To Jazz – Piano Professional/European Piano Teachers Association, Winter 2016.

Music Notation: A Brief Look At Its Historical Evolution – Clavier Companion, July/August 2016.

What Was Minstrelsy? – JAZZed Magazine, Aug/Sept 2016.

What’s Unfinished About Schubert’s ‘Unfinished’? – Piano Guild Notes, Fall 2016.

Silence Is Golden – Methods: A Journal Of Acting Pedagogy, Vol. 2, November 2016 Pace University Press.

Teaching About Jazz History And Jazz Performance Practice – The Piano Teacher/Australia, November 2016 and, December 20, 2016.

Understanding Bar Lines – Clavier Companion, March/April 2017.

Classicism vs. Romanticism: A Comparison – Piano Guild Notes, Summer 2017.

Unifying Techniques In Musical Composition – Clavier Companion, Nov/Dec 2017.

The End Of Jazz? – JAZZed Magazine, Nov/Dec 2017.